Home Buyer Reports

In 2009 the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Home Buyer Survey and Valuation Report was updated to reflect changes in building designs and modern surveying requirements. We took this opportunity to expand the home buyer report so that we are able to include photographs where they help with identification. The report retains the high standard of reporting with an inspection of all accessible parts of the property including the loft and drains. We have to get our hands dirty! In the summary of the report we will highlight any serious defect with advice on what to do along with those items which require more than just routine maintenance. Clear advice will be given on further steps that need to be taken, and we are always available to discuss the property with you after you have studied the surveyor’s report.




Building Surveys

Sometimes referred to as a structural survey, a Building Survey is suitable for unusual or non-traditional properties. In the Malvern, Worcester and Hereford areas these may range from black & white timber cottages and houses, barn conversions or large houses whether rural or urban. Surveys on this type of house are in a format tailored for the property in question and include a more detailed explanation of construction issues and how they affect the performance of the building. Photographs are included where they assist with explanations, along with a glossary of technical terms.




Valuations for Probate & Tax

We are regularly asked to negotiate with the Inland Revenue where transfers of property have taken place without a Valuation Certificate being obtained. The Inland Revenue will only accept market value as defined by the RICS. You should not, for instance, assume that the sale price of a property or an estate agent’s assessment would correspond with a valuation for probate. The Inland Revenue will look to impose penalties if they feel that artificial valuations are submitted. There is no substitute for a professional valuation carried out by our Chartered Surveyors.

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